Running for Office 2021 Municipal Election

Notice to Candidates and Circulators

The filing instructions and documents provided by the Pike County Elections Office are intended as introductory information and do not constitute legal advice. Candidates and Circulators who download, print, reproduce, circulate and file the instructions and documents provided herein assume responsibility for the correctness and completeness of filed documents.

The elections office cannot provide legal, tax or accounting advice. All candidates for public office should solicit the advice of a licensed professional in the appropriate field before filing documents with this office.

COVID-19 Safeguards for 2021

County Offices are closed to the public at 12:30 pm. If filing documents with the election office after 12:30 please call 570-296-3427 to schedule an appointment.

The Casting of Lots to determine ballot position for offices that have multiple candidates of the same party file petitions will be held via ZOOM on Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 10:00 am. Please provide an email address to to receive an invitation.

Plan ahead when filing your petition. Only two people at a time are permitted in the election office.

Getting on the Ballot

The first step to being elected to public office is getting on the ballot. Candidates for local offices who wish to appear on the Democratic or Republican primary ballot must circulate and file a Nomination Petition with the county election office.

Candidates who wish to run as minor political party candidates must circulate and file a Nomination Paper and do not run in the Primary Election.

Candidates should inform themselves of the dates set for legal circulation of Nomination Petitions and Nomination Papers and filing deadlines.

Candidate Packets containing the petitions and other documents required to be filed are available in the Pike County Elections Office or you can print your documents from this page.

If printing your documents it is important to follow the printing instructions for Nomination Petitions. Improperly printed petitions will be rejected.

Candidate Packet Downloadable Documents

Click the links to open, download and print your documents.
Please read all instructions carefully when printing your documents.

NOMINATION PETITION -> PC Nomination Petition.pdf (192.72 kb)

(Use this petition for ALL local and county level offices the Candidate Affidavit and Waiver of Expense Reporting are a separate document that must be appended to your petition when filing.)

IMPORTANT!  Nomination Petitions must be printed two-sided (front and back) on plain white 8.5” x 14” legal size paper. The Pike County Elections Office will not accept Nomination Petitions that have been re-sized or modified in any way, or that have been improperly printed or reproduced. If you are unable to correctly print the Nomination Petition you must contact the elections office to obtain a hard copy.

CANDIDATE AFFIDAVIT AND WAIVER OF EXPENSE REPORTING -> Candidate Affidavit - Waiver of Expense Reporting.pdf (107.37 kb)

The Candidate Affidavit must be appended to your Nomination Petition when filing. You can use the same affidavit for multiple pages of Nomination Petitions. To submit multiple pages, the pages must be bound together and each page numbered.

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL INTEREST -> SEC-1 Statement Of Financial Interests Rev 01_17.pdf (1.00 mb)

All Candidates, except those filing for poll worker or party offices, must complete a Statement of Financial Interest.  A copy of the Statement of Financial Interest must be filed with your Nomination Petition and the original filed with the municipality or school district for which you are a candidate by the filing deadline.


PETITION INSTRUCTIONS -> Petition Instructions.pdf (73.42 kb)


SIGNATURE REQUIREMENTS and FILING FEES -> Filing Fee Schedule.pdf (24.89 kb)


IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATES FOR CANDIDATES -> COVID-19 Updated Procedures for Petitions.pdf (108.99 kb)


2021 IMPORTANT ELECTION DATES -> 2021 Important Dates.pdf (64.17 kb)


CANDIDATE RESOURCES -> Candidate Resources.pdf (121.88 kb)


RUNNING FOR OFFICE MANUAL -> generalinforunningforoffice.pdf (142.92 kb)


PETITION FILING CHECKLIST -> Petition Filing Checklist.pdf (38.29 kb)


Campaign Finance

All candidates for public office are subject to state campaign finance reporting laws. Candidates are required to file a Campaign Finance Report for each reporting period throughout the election cycle in which they are a candidate. Failure to file a Campaign Finance Report or filing a late report results in fines of $20.00 per day for each day the report is not filed.

Candidates have the opportunity to complete the Waiver of Expense Reporting on the back of their Nomination Petition when filing. By signing the Waiver of Expense Reporting candidates are only required to file a Campaign Finance Report if they make expenditures or accept donations over $250.00 in a reporting period.

We strongly recommend signing the Waiver of Expense Reporting to protect against accumulating late fees. Once your petition is filed candidates can no longer sign the Waiver and must file a report for each reporting period.

Candidates can also form a Political Committee. A Political Committee must file a Registration Statement and Candidate Authorization form with the Election Office. Candidates who form a Political Committee must file Campaign Finance Reports even if they signed the Waiver of Expense Reporting at the time they filed their petition.


2021 CAMPAIGN FINANCE REPORTING DATES -> 2021-Campaign-Finance-Filing-Dates.pdf (116.07 kb)


CAMPAIGN FINANCE REPORT (over $250.00) -> Campaign Finance Report.pdf (3.53 mb)


CAMPAIGN FINANCE STATEMENT (under $250.00) -> Campaign_finance_statement_under250.pdf (59.57 kb)


POLITICAL COMMITTEE REGISTRATION STATEMENT -> Political Party Registration Statement.pdf (61.44 kb)


CANDIDATE AUTHORIZATION FOR A POLITICAL COMMITTEE -> Candidate Authorization for Political Committee.pdf (31.98 kb)


CAMPAIGN FINANCE MANUAL -> Campaign Finance Law.pdf (312.47 kb)

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